located only 25mins from the CBD
located only 25mins from the CBD
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Victorian State Regulations for Fixed Screens on adjoinging allotment (overlooking)

"the direct line of sight is obscured by a permanent and fixed screen that has no more than 25% of its area open."

To comply with basic (overlooking) regulations screens that conform with this requirement must have a minimal 75% block out rating.

For more information refer to BUILDING REGULATIONS 2006 - REG 419 

Timber Abbreviations:

L.O.S.P – Light organic solvent preservative

K.D – Kiln Dried (refers to moisture content in timber)

F.O.H.C - Free of Heart Centre

F Rating – F5, F7, F17, F27 (These are structural ratings)

C.C.A - Chromate Copper Arsenate

D.A.R – Dressed all round

F.J - Finger Joined

Lam - Sections of wood laminated

Supadeck - Any size thicker than 20mm or wider than 90mm

What is Janka rating?

Refers to hardness of timber

Durability classes

Ratings of timbers durablitiy to longevity Eg: 1 being most durable

Do you have a delivery service?

We Deliver Monday – Friday (same day if order placed before 9:00am) a delivery fee per suburb will be applied, to see delivery charges click here

We also ship our screens Australia Wide, Contact us for an interstate quote!

What is G.R.C and solid cast?

Glass fiber Reinforced Cement is a one applicant generally sprayed into a mould to form a lightweight high strength non corrosive product.
Solid cast is stone, cement and aqua prove poured into a mould to form a solid and heavy product.

What is the best decking material?

It depends on many factors; price, appearance, durability, orientation etc.
Our most popular decking materials are:

#1 Merbau
#2 Spotted Gum
#3 Iron Bark
#4 Black Butt
#6 Treated Pine

What are the best stumps for a sub-floor?

Timber stumps are most popular for fastening bearers and base boards.

#1 H4 Treated Pine
#2 Cypress Pine
#3 Concrete

What is the best way to clean and seal my deck?

A deck is best left to acclimatize for a few months before cleaning with a concentrate deck cleaner and a stiff broom. There are many deck finishes ex; oil and acrylic. We have had the best results with Natures Timber Oil

How do I fix my deck down?

Not with a nail gun!
To guarantee a good solid deck we recommend pre-drilling and hand nailing with hot dip galvanized wood grip nails or pre drill and use hex head square drive galvanized or stainless steel screws, on thicker boards (wharf style decking) over 35mm thick – galvanized bugle head batten screws.