located only 25mins from the CBD
located only 25mins from the CBD
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Bamboo & Natural | SCREENING

See our huge range of Bamboo, Brush, Willow, Fern Reed and Bark Products. - Designer Decorative Kokomo, Jati Jumbo Size in Plain or Smoked 2.4x2.4mt, Kado - Screening for unslightly fences or pirvacy courtyard concepts


Solid Brush Fencing Panels

Solid brush (wood) fencing will last from 20 to 30 years, and when installed correctly the panels will not rot or crack and are impervious to White Ants. Solid Brush panels are machine compressed and stitched with galvanised wire, which provides a solid durable panel that helps break up unwanted traffic noise that can infringe on your home and garden. 
  • Provide a long lasting alternative to traditional fencing and walls.
  • Help breakup noise for traffic and other unwanted noise.
  • Are well suited for the ‘Do It Yourself’ person.
  • Have a variety of applications.
1800mm x 1800mm x 50mm Thick @ $192 each  

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