located only 25mins from the CBD
located only 25mins from the CBD
Remodeling and Home Design

Before and After Photos

Photos of DIY projects before, during, and completion. Here are somne projects have used material supplied by Chippy's Outdoors.


Mike's DIY Project

Mike's backyard is a mess. So we at Chippy's decided he could do with a helping hand fixing up his small outdoor living area.
We hope this gallery can help showcase how easy it is to transform a backyard you want to escape from, into a backyard you want to escape to!

The products used in this renovation are all available at Chippy's Outdoor, along with expert advice, and if you need a hand, we also recommend reliable, qualified builders and contractors.


• Victorian Ash Hardwood Privacy Screen

• White Vine Decorative Steel Screen
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• Jati Natural Bamboo Screen

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Mikes grotty backyard DIY make over

Before (01)
"Very grotty backyard"

Before (02)
"Very, very grotty backyard, from opposite direction."

After (01)
"Back from his very long holiday Mike is finally back at it. The Steel White Vine Screens add style and space."

After (02)
"Backed with Jati bamboo, this garden bed gives life to the space. Now Mike could almost take a holiday in his own backyard."