located only 25mins from the CBD
located only 25mins from the CBD
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Claddings & Board Products

Durable exterior claddings and board products


SHADOWclad is decorative sheet product with a band-sawn surface ideal for use on residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

SHADOWclad applications include:
Decorative exterior cladding.
Residential and commercial buildings.
Resorts, hotels & townhouses.
Stables and agricultural buildings.
Premium industrial structures.
Light weight prefrabricated homes & work site offices.
High impact cladding/lining for public areas.
Excellent for soffits and rustic interiors.
Meets BCA 2007 standards.

We stock two sizes of SHADOWclad Groove
2400 x 1200 Sheet @ $126.95each
2700 x 1200 Sheet @ $143.40each

SHADOWclad is also available primed with a special powder coating. Chippy's does not stock this but is available upon request.