located only 25mins from the CBD
located only 25mins from the CBD
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Evo-Crete Handi Blocks    

Deck blocks were introduced 25 years ago in the USA and since then instant foundation blocks have been embraced worldwide for creating strong and stable foundations for both professional and DIY projects.

Handi Blocks are Australian-made from Evo-Crete, an ultra-lightweight concrete alternative, with each block weighing approximately eight kilograms. They are three times lighter than standard concrete with a proprietary blend of fibre reinforcing, adding strength and durability.

Handi Blocks are an extremely popular alternative to digging holes, mixing concrete and waiting for it to set.

As more than just a deck foundation, Handi Blocks are a versatile utility block and the options are endless for how you can use them to make completing your projects a breeze. Handi Blocks are a popular multi-purpose foundation for a range of home improvement projects including decks, garden sheds, landings, pathways, raised walkways, cubby houses, dog shelters and more.

Note: As always it is recommended to check your local building guidelines before starting any construction. We always suggest you get the thumbs up from your local council before starting your project.

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$18.95 Each