located only 25mins from the CBD
located only 25mins from the CBD
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Nature’s Timber Oil


Intergrain Nature’s Timber Oil is a natural, oil based timber finish made from 95% sustainable ingredients. The penetrating formula replicates timber’s natural defences against aging, saturating the cells to protect against drying out. Added ingredients give resistance to water, UV and mould. The natural ingredients in Nature’s Timber Oil give a rich, natural oiled finish.

Intergrain Nature’s Timber Oil consists of 95% naturally derived renewable materials, an environmentally responsible option compared to many coatings, containing mostly petrochemical based ingredients. Nature’s Timber Oil has about half the VOCs (volatile organic compounds) of traditional oil based finishes.

Nature’s Timber Oil is available in a lightly pigmented natural colour or mild timber tones to highlight the characteristicsof popular timber species. Nature’s Timber Oil is fast drying, allowing two coats to be applied in oneday, and will weather naturally, without risk of cracking, blistering and peeling.

10 litres @ $210.00 each
4 litres @ $99.00 each
1 litre @ $38.50 each